VirZOOm vr bike
monthly vsports competitions!
Virtuix omni
unique vr experience!

$28 Per Person for 1 Hour of Play

That is DOUBLE what you get elsewhere!

Eagle Flight

Space Pirate Trainer

Job Simulator

Zombie Training Simulator


Island 359

enhanced vr experiences
enhanced vr experiences
featured games

Yore VR

Call of the Starseed

KC's Ultimate vr arcade

Multiple Experiences all on the HTC VIVE VR Headset

Play the VirZOOM VR Bike, Virtuix Omni VR Motion Platform, or single player and multi-player games!



    By Reservation Only


    Inside the HyVee Arena

    1800 Genessee St, Suite 115

    Kansas City, MO 64102

    Kansas City, KS